Australia’s Safest! Nuna Pipa Klik ISOFIX capsule for hire Afterpay available

Product Description

The Nuna Pipa KLIK with Rigid ISOFIX is the ONLY capsule to get 5 stars for safety on the CREP results!

From $50.00 — $239.00

Afterpay available – book now, pay later, always interest free

Your Nuna baby seat hire price includes:

  • Capsule
  • Base
  • Free Professional Installation
  • Fitting Certificate as required for hospital discharge
1-3 days
(minimum hire)
4-7 days 8-14 days 15-30 days 3 months  6 months
$50  $60  $85  $99  $199  $239

Features of the Nuna Pipa Klik with Rigid ISOFIX baby capsule for hire include:

  • The only capsule on the market to receive 5 out of 5 stars for SAFETY!
  • Side impact protection for ultimate baby safe keeping
  • Installs to car in less than five seconds
  • Colored indicators on the rigid ISOFIX minimize user error
  • Steel latches strong and securely connect the base to the car seat
  • Dual bubble level indicators confirm correct angle
  • Option to install with a vehicle seat belt
  • Easy base release buttons make switching between vehicle’s a snap
  • Multi position base to accommodate various vehicle seat angle
  • Vehicle seat belt lock off (can be installed in a car that does not have ISOFIX)
  • Heavy duty shell is super resilient yet ultra lightweight
  • Comfy infant insert is removable for growing babies
  • Removable, full coverage two position & protective UPF 50+ canopy with flip out eyeshade
  • Two crutch positions and three shoulder positions to accommodate growing babies
  • Complies AUS/NZS standard
  • Baby seat hire – it just makes sense!

What is iSofix?

iSofix is an installation method used to install child restraints in motor vehicles.

Under AS/NZS 1754,  there are two types of iSofix installation systems legally able to be sold and used in Australia, being Rigid Connectors or Flexible Connectors. These connectors are designed to connect to 2 iSofix Anchorage points located at the bottom of a vehicle’s rear seats. The iSofix systems are designed to simplify the installation process for carers, therefore reducing the risk of incorrect installation of child restraints and reducing the risk of injury to infants or children in the event of an accident.

The New 2017 model Nuna Pipa Klik is the first Rigid iSofix Infant Capsule to be released in Australia
With all the little luxe extras and premium protection of the original PIPA that you love—with an upgraded swift and even more secure install system thanks to its rigid ISOFIX.

Why Rigid Connectors?

The Rigid Connectors allow for:

A more secure and firm installation in the car. The colour based locking indicators will go green once the base is correctly locked into place. Coupled with the anchor strap the child restraint will be securely installed and provide greater safety for infants.

A faster installation making a transfer from vehicles easier for busy carers.

A more error free option when using iSofix to install a child restraint, as there are no additional adjustments required when connecting to the anchorage points. Unlike the flexible iSofix Connectors that require users to adjust strap lengths which in some cases may not tighten sufficiently. The Nuna Pipa Klik Rigid Connectors will indicate green when correctly locked into place giving parents and carers peace of mind.


Like to see it in action?

Use from birth – 6 months approx

Product Dimensions: 174w x 45 h x 68cmCarrier Weighs 3.5kg

All our hire items are carefully cleaned according to the manufacturer’s instructions and care is taken not to use astringent or allergenic cleaning products. Capsules, carseats and boosters etc are stripped off all fabrics and accessories on return, safety checked by a restraint fitter and all parts are hot washed, sundried and put back together by an accredited restraint fitter to ensure the integrity of the restraint.

One of our accredited child restraint fitters examines each returned capsule individually and are trained to recognise any signs the capsule could have been misused, in an accident or any attempt at repair or replacement of parts have been applied or replaced during the previous hire term. Any capsule with any recognised issue is destroyed on the spot by having the harness cut off completely with scissors and discarded.

Most babies will fit into their capsules until they are about 6 months of age. If your baby did outgrow their capsule please just notify the office and we will replace your capsule with an appropriate rear facing carseat for the remaining term of your hire free of charge.

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