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Unlike other co-sleeping products, the unique panels allow visibility for you and your baby and air flow for full breathability for your baby.

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What the Experts Say

Baby sleep experts like the higly regarded Dorothy Waide – baby nurse to the children of Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas, encourage parents to nuture and teach newborn babies to self-settle. Ms Waide in her book, You Simply Can’t Spoil a Newborn, believes that “there is nothing more naturing for a baby than to be held close, sensing the rhythm of your heart, your familiar smell and the warmth of your body. Psychologists talk about the first 12 weeks as being the phase when babies continue to identify themselves as still being part of their parent, so it makes sense to be close to each other whenever possible.”


So whether you choose to sleep your baby in a cradle and/or bassinet beside your bed or co-sleep with your baby, we have the safer solution for you and your baby.

You can now safely co-sleep with your baby in the Kaylula Co-Sleep Cradle. You can choose to use the cradle in the nursery or at your bedside or wheel it around as a bassinet through the house during the day so baby is always in arm’s reach of you.

It is Safer

It has an adjustable dropside that can be moved up or down depending upon your proximity to your baby and most importantly is safer as it always ensures a firm barrier to alleviate the concerns associated with other co-sleeping bassinets and beds, with no barriers or poorly structured barriers.

Unlike other co-sleeping products, the unique panels allow visibility for you and your baby and air flow for full breathability for your baby.

The adjustable legs ensure that you have your baby at the optimal height for your bed, and a secure safe strap to attach to your slats on your base for safety.

It is Stronger

The European beechwood timber structure is strong and supportive and creates a cradle that is longer than most bassinets so ideal for growing newborns, so it will last longer than a traditional bassinet. Unlike the moses basket this real timber frame is strong and sturdy and will not tip over or fall easily.

It is Beautiful

The Co-Sleep Cradle is finished with luxury textiles, a quilted mattress and sides and the most stunning little hanging safari toys you have ever seen!


Safer than other cradles and basinets with secure safety straps and an adjustable zip dropside
Versatile as it is a cradle, wheeled bassinet and a co-sleeper all in one
Solid barrier to reduce the risk of entrapment so it is much safer
Visibility with the mesh panels
Full breathability with mesh for air flow
Height adjustable European beechwood timber legs
Strong metal frame and beautiful luxury textiles
Quilted Breathe Eze Fibre Mattress included
Quilted inner walls for a stylish finish
Lockable wheels for easy maneuverability and safe park option
The most beautiful timber hanging safari toys (please note toys may vary between elephants, giraffe and kangaroo)
Designed in Australia
Mattress size – 49cm * 88cm * 4cm

Will this fit in our bedroom?

Assembled dimensions – 58cm x 96cm

Will this fit to my bed? How high/low does the Next2Me for hire go?

4 mattress height positions with castors – 44cm, 49cm, 54cm & 59cm
4 mattress height positions without castors – 39cm, 44cm, 49cm & 54cm

Are second hand mattresses really safe?

The simple answer is YES. The link between SIDS and mattresses is no longer an issue parents need to be concerned with and that is why we can safely hire out beds. Please have a look at this article with links to SIDS and Kids:

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