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Cool Carats Car Seat Cooler – Afterpay available

Product Description

Never Place a Child in a Hot Car Seat again!

From $79.95

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Never Place a Child in a Hot Car Seat again!

With a patented Cooltech® design, this liner will keep a childs car seat cool for up to 8 hours, perfect for the hot Australian Sun.

On a hot summer day, the parts of a car seat reach up to 85 degrees. This heat from metal buckles, vinyl, plastic and cloth car seat surfaces can cause discomfort, serious burns even put children at risk of heat exhaustion.

Parents won’t have to worry about putting their kids in a hot car seat again!

Simple to use:

1. Simply fold Cool Carats Liner flat & freeze overnight.

2. After arriving at destination and the child has been removed from their car seat, place the Cool Carats Liner on the empty seat, fabric side down, to activate cooling power while away from the car.

3. When returning to the car, take the cooler off the seat before securing child into their car seat for a comfy, refreshing ride home!

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