Capsules, carseats and boosters etc are stripped off all fabrics and accessories on return, safety checked by a restraint fitter and all parts are hot washed, sundried and put back together by an accredited restraint fitter to ensure the integrity of the restraint. All stock is quarantined in a closed warehouse for 7 days between hires due to COVID-19 to ensure there is no possibility of cross-contamination.

One of our accredited child restraint fitters examines each returned capsule individually and are trained to recognise any signs the capsule could have been misused, in an accident or any attempt at repair or replacement of parts have been applied or replaced during the previous hire term. Any capsule with any recognised issue is destroyed on the spot by having the harness cut off completely with scissors and discarded.

What if my baby…

Yes we do. Every single one of our staff are accredited restraint fitters and we will professionally install any child restraint you hire whether you come to us or we come to you. Professional installation is free of charge on all hired restraints and a Certificate of Installation is provided.
This Certificate is a requirement of some maternity units.
If you have your own restraint we can also install that for you for $55. Discounts apply for 2+ restraints being installed at the same time, just ask our staff for a customised quote.

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About Mobile Restraint Fittings
Australian Laws and Child Restraints
Book Child Restraint Fitting Online

We have two centrally located warehouses in Sydney, one in Kirrawee (2232) and one in Waterloo (2017). Our Waterloo warehouse is just 8 mins from Sydney Domestic Airport – perfect for picking up your hire items on your way through.

If neither of these locations suit you for pick up we offer delivery to your home, hotel, accomodation, workplace or hire car provider. Just provide the delivery address in your enquiry and we will create a customised quote for you to include delivery. Please note that we can only deliver within 30km of Sydney CBD.

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Hire Care Services

Our pricing structure is 1-3 days, 4-7 days, 8-14 days, 15-30 days and then to a monthly arrangement.

We are unable to offer pro-rata pricing or refunds. Prices are all listed on each item with the hire term and price.

If you make an error with your enquiry the price will be corrected on booking.

It’s simple:

1) Select the products you would like to hire from our extensive range and select “Enquire Now”. Your enquiry will be directed to your local hire branch who will contact you, usually within 15 minutes to confirm availability of your items and time frame.

2) Once your order is confirmed, you will need to pay a 50% deposit and delivery or collection is then scheduled.

3) Your hire items are collected or delivered and when you are ready to end the hire just email or call!

Easy as one, two, three.

The answer is no, sorry folks. Pram wheels generally operate with encased ball bearings within the wheel and, although it feels great on our feet, lovely white beach sand gets right in those bearings and jams them completely. This can really do some serious damage to your hired pram, leaving you stuck with both a wheel locked pram and the cost of repair and wheel replacement. Please keep your hired pram out of the sand – thanks so much.

Unfortunately if prams are returned with sandy wheels you will not be able to have your bond refunded as we will then need to have the pram serviced.

As soon as possible. To enable you to have the widest range of choice of products and to avoid the disappointment of missing out on having exactly what you want, we suggest that you make your booking as soon as you have decided you wish to hire.

If you aren’t sure what you want or need please call one of our experts who will be happy to assist you in choosing the right products for your needs and budget.

Absolutely it will. All our hire items are carefully cleaned according to the manufacturer’s instructions and care is taken not to use astringent or allergenic cleaning products.

> Capsules, carseats and boosters etc are stripped off all fabrics and accessories on return, safety checked by a restraint fitter and all parts are hot washed, sundried and put back together by an accredited restraint fitter to ensure the integrity of the restraint.

> Prams are cleaned using a high pressure cleaner and steamer combination with a detergent solution that is safe for babies and children.

> Beds, bassinets and linens are all hot washed and sundried with hypoallergenic washing solutions.

> All electrical items are tested before and after each hire.

All hire items are regularly sold as ex-hire through our website and new items are purchased regularly to ensure we have the latest products available at the best price for our customers.

Generally the answer is no. We ask that all prams, co-sleepers and fragile hire items remain in Sydney during the hire period as they are not generally robust enough to withstand the journey and in our experience, are often damaged leaving customers without the item they hired and having to pay a replacement cost or repair fees. Soft or small items that can be packed are fine.

If you have a hire item you would like to take on a plane please contact us to discuss.

A number of considerations should be taken into account when choosing a capsule.

> Do you want the capsule just for the car?

> Do you want to use the capsule on your own pram – if so which capsule will fit your pram?

> Do you have other restraints in the car already? Will the capsule you choose fit in with these?

> Which capsule is the safest?

Call our expert team on 0431 093 707 to speak to our restraint fitter who will be able to assist you to make the right choice for your family.

We suggest that we install your hire baby capsule for you a week to 10 days before your baby is due to arrive.

If you’re picking up from our warehouse, you may opt to wait until Mum is in hospital and have a partner or a friend pick up. We are happy to hold your hire items for you until you call and say you’re ready to have it installed.

Generally installations can be booked and done within 24 hours.

We appreciate that there may be times when you need to return an item you have hired or purchased.
As such we have outlined our Repairs, Refunds and Returns policy below.

Refunds for items Hired from Rockabye Baby

We strive to make sure all our customers are satisfied. Our business is based on repeat business. At this time we do not offer pro-rata refunds if the customer returns their hire items earlier than planned or changes their mind. This includes for COVID related events. This keeps products available for those who want them. If your child outgrows their baby capsule we can replace it free of charge with a rear facing carseat until your hire term expires. As we only hire and sell reputable, Australian and International brand nursery equipment you can easily research the products and lifespans on our site or at the manufacturer’s website or ask for some help from one of our representatives when making your booking. However we will gladly exchange your product with a replacement if it is faulty. To assist parents we have a range of hire terms from as little as 3 days right up to 6 calendar months so you can hire only for as long as you’ll need the product.

Cancelling a booking

Upon booking a deposit is payable within 3 days of placing your order. Cancellation of your order can be made at any time but we ask that it be provided to us in writing. If you do wish to cancel or your order the following policy applies: Cancellation of 72 hours or less – no refund is available. Cancellations with more than 72 hours notice can choose from a full refund less a $50 administration fee or credit note with no $50 administration fee incurred. This policy includes COVID related events. All credit notes have no expiry date and can be used anytime on any available hire item.

Refunds for items Purchased from Rockabye Baby

> All brand new items we sell have a warranty period of at least 12 months which is covered by the Manufacturer or Wholesaler. Refer to Manufacturer’s warranty card inside packaging or contact one of our friendly staff.

> Any purchased items returned for any reason will need to have the Original proof of purchase submitted at the time of return.

Please order carefully as we do not refund or exchange simply because you changed your mind or you have made an error in finalising your order (such as not being happy with the colour or choosing an incorrect product for your needs or baby’s requirements). We may allow an exchange or refund on a case-by-case basis for such returns, provided that the item in question is:

(a) returned within 5 days of receiving your order;

(b) The product and packaging is in its Original condition including manuals and accessories.

(c) The item is in re-saleable condition for example original tags and labels are still attached and the items is unworn, unopened and unused.

If the product has been used or installed in your car we do not offer refunds. You may return hire items early but we do not offer refunds on early returns. Delivery and collection fees are non refundable.

Faults and Repairs

> You are entitled to a Refund OR Replacement if there is a “Major” failure of that product. This will be determined by the Manufacturer once the item is returned to them for “Assessment”.

> If the problem is “Minor” and can be repaired easily we will send the item back to the Manufacturer OR Repair agent for “Assessment” and repair.

> The Assessment process should be conducted within a reasonable time. Considering most of the Wholesalers or Repair Agents are interstate we would deem 14 working days to be a reasonable time frame to carry out this “Assessment”. The 14 working days represents the maximum reasonable time frame for the item to be packaged, couried, assessed and or repaired and returned.

The new child restraint laws are now in effect. Here is a quick guide for parents:

If your child is: He or she should be restrained in:
Birth up to 6 months Rearward facing child restraint with an inbuilt harness
6 months up to 4 years of age Rearward or forward facing child restraint with an inbuilt harness
4 years up to 7 years of age Forward facing child restraint with an inbuilt harness or a booster seat
Over 7 years of age Booster seat with either an accessory harness or standard car seat belt

New laws have been passed that make it mandatory for children under seven to be restrained in an appropriate child restraint. These laws are designed to increase the safety of your children and reduce the number of children injured or killed in car accidents.

Summary of the new legislation

Babies younger than six months of age must be restrained in a rearward facing restraint.
Children from six months to four years of age must be restrained in a rearward facing or forward facing restraint. Children under four years of age must not travel in the front row of a vehicle with two or more rows.
Children from four to seven years of age must be seated in a forward facing restraint or booster seat. Children from four to seven years of age can only sit in the front row of a vehicle with two or more rows when all other seats are occupied by children of a lesser age in an approved child restraint.

What if my child is small, or large, for their age?

If your child is too small for a restraint specified for their age, they should be kept in their current of restraint for as long as necessary. If your child is too large for a restraint specified for their age, they may move to the next level of restraint. Basically if your child is under seven and fits in a restraint, they should be in one, providing they suit the weight requirement as specified by the car seat manufacturer. New car seats suiting children up to 36kg will be available on the market shortly.

Why was the legislation implemented?

The current evidence shows that most parents in Australia move their child out of child restraints and into adult seat belts from around five years of age. Research indicates that this is too early and increases the potential for serious injury and death.

Car accidents are associated with a large number of child fatalities in Australia. Between 1999 and 2003, 587 children aged 0-14 years died as a result of transport accidents. This accounts for 40% of all fatalities in this age group due to external causes. A study conducted in the United States found infant car restraints reduced the risk of death by 75% for children aged up to one year and by 60% for those aged 2 and 3 years.

According to Dr Jeff Potter, the National Transport Commission’s Senior Manager–Safety, new age-based minimum standards would improve public understanding and reduce injuries.

While many parents and carers strive to do the right thing, the research shows children are moving to bigger seats too early. The new laws will provide better guidance informed by the latest available technology, research and world’s best practice,” Dr Potter said.

Why do the new rules refer to the age of the child, rather than their weight, size or height?

Regulations using the age of the user will result in the smallest percentage of infants being inappropriately restrained, rather than if the regulations were specific about the height, weight or size of the passenger. Guidelines are also easier for parents and carers to understand and follow if given in terms of age, as it is much easier to remember a child’s age than their height and weight.

If you are involved in any type of car accident, no matter how minor, you must inform us immediately. For your own safety, we must replace your car child restraint with another. The first restraint will then be destroyed by us. The restraint must be returned to our office as soon as practicable.
Accidents can’t be helped and events like that in no way affect your bond refund. Your bond is still refunded but you will be required to either claim current retail replacement cost of the capsule from your insurer or if you prefer, you can settle the account directly.

Yes we are. Our fitters have been trained by the training arm of the Roads & Traffic Authority as well as being an accredited member of A.C.R.I., the Australian Child Restraint Resource Initiative. All our hired child restraints come with the offer of complimentary installation by a trained restraint fitter. The safety of your child is of paramount importance.
You can read more about our expertise here.

Yes, a bond of $50 per item is required for each hired item except Airport hires and Premium Line capsules (Cybex) which have a $100 per item bond and hospital grade breastpumps which incur a $250 bond.

All bonds are refunded by direct transfer or cheque only – no cash refunds – within 7-10 business days of the items return to us.

All hire items and any accessories must be returned in good clean before bonds can be refunded.

A $25 cleaning fee will be deducted from your bond if the hire items are returned soiled, sandy or stained.

A valid current credit card number will be required as security for return of the hire items.

No funds will be charged unless the hire item is not returned or returned damaged in which case the full retail value of a brand new replacement item will be charged to the credit card provided.

Yes it does happen! Babies come when they’re ready they can’t see the calendar.

If you have a current booking and your baby makes an earlier than expected arrival, please have your partner or friend call us on our mobile 0431 093 707 and we will aim to get your capsule installed within 48 hours. If your chosen product wasn’t available we would be happy to supply you with an alternate carseat or capsule until your chosen product is ready. Your hire dates will simply be changed to encompass the early arrival.

The simple answer is no. Under law every child car restraint sold in Australia must meet very stringent safety requirements, which are set out in Australian Standard AS/NZ1754. This standard covers all aspects of the restraint including design, materials, performance, safety testing, labelling and so on of child restraints. All restraints must carry the Australian Standard AS/NZ1754 sticker and all our restraints carry this standard. Most child restraints purchased overseas, including car seats from countries such as the USA and the United Kingdom do not comply with this Standards and cannot legally be used in Australia.

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