Baby Monitor Hire Sydney

Baby Monitor Hire Keeping Sydney Parents in The Know

Get peace of mind from knowing how your child is doing any minute of the day. We know how daunting it can be for new parents to be separate from their child, so Rock-a-bye Baby Equipment Hire offers a range of monitors allowing you to keep tabs on your precious bundle wherever you both are in the home.

Some models have ranges in the hundreds of metres, meaning that even on the opposite side of the largest property you’ll still be able to hear all of your child’s coos, gurgles and noises. Never miss a first word with our help.

The inexpensive way to get a reliable, cutting-edge baby monitor system

Our company is the perfect way to explore your options. Whether you’re not convinced you need a monitor or you’re just unsure if the investment is for you, a few days with a system from us will give you the answers you need.

Our hire system is also ideal for travelling parents who want to keep an eye (or in this case an ear) on their child without being required to carry them around in a papoose. Going to the kitchen to make a cup of tea? Nipping down the hotel hallway to grab some ice or a snack? Take our convenient, portable monitor with you and hear every second.

Bassinet, crib and baby monitor hire at a competitive price

Rock-a-bye Baby Equipment Hire helps you take some of the strain out of parenting both at home and on the road. Whether you’re in Sydney for a weekend or a lifetime, we offer a range of solutions designed to equip you with the tools you need to simplify parts of your day. Ensure your baby gets the best night’s sleep with our bassinets, or make one of the messier parts of early childhood a bit easier with our change tables for hire.

For more information on any of our products or to learn about how we can help you, send us a message on call us on info@rockabyebabyhire.com.au or through our contact page. You can also speak directly to our staff on +612 9589 4942.

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